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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student acquires the scientific and didactic-knowledge in the field of physiopathology of motor activities, and in particular in the field of internal medicine, with particular reference to clinical, diagnosis and treatment. The student will be able to: - recognize the signs and symptoms of some internal pathologies of interest in sports and to direct the patient to the most appropriate treatment.

Course contents

Physical Activity in Diabetes: Effects on Metabolic Disorders and Guidelines • Physical Activity in Cardiovascular Diseases: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention • Physical activity and gastrointestinal tract • Sport as medicine in neoplastic diseases


Lectures with video projection. The teaching material presented during the lessons will be made available to the student electronically via the Internet. To obtain the didactic material, connect to: http://campus.unibo.it and use username and password reserved for students enrolled at the University of Bologna, School of Motorie Sciences.

Teaching methods

Lectures with video projection.

Assessment methods

The exam consists of a multiple-choice test. To take the exam, you must enroll online through Almaesami within the specified time limit. Exam sessions will take place at the end of the lessons course, starting in June. Any negative evaluation (both "withdrawn" or "rejected") will be recorded, as indicated by the teaching regulations, on Almaesami without prejudice to the student's curriculum that may repeat the exam in the next call. The presence of the student is not necessary for verbalizing on Almaesami. For privacy reasons, please notify any request for clarification only through the authenticated access mailbox (firstname.state@studio.unibo.it) as an institutional channel for information regarding your career.

Teaching tools

Lectures with video projection.

Office hours

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