84296 - Physiology of Gastrointestinal System, Nutrition and Metabolism

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Understand the importance of the integration of physiological processes from the molecular level to complex systems. Describe the general principles of gastrointestinal function, including motility, nervous control, and blood circulation. Describe the mechanisms of gastrointestinal secretion, digestion and absorption. Summarize the principles of metabolism and temperature regulation. Summarize the endocrine and nervous regulation of food intake and energy storage.

Course contents

Oct. 3rd - Course introduction - Gastric secretion

Oct. 9th - Pancreatic and Salivary secretion

Oct. 10th - Bile formation, secretion and gallbladder function

Oct. 11th - Gastric Motility

Oct. 24th - Intestinal Motility

Oct. 31st - Carbohydrate and protein assimilation

Nov. 5th - Lipid assimilation

Nov. 8th - Neurohumoral regulation GI function


Gastrointestinal physiology - 2nd edition

Kim E. Barret

McGraw Hill

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