09795 - Theory of Structures (B)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the students know the methodologies for the 2d frame and grid structural analysis.

Course contents

The Lab-based Course on Building and Architecture II  is combined by:

Structure Design (8 CFU, 120 hrs)

Theory of Structures (4 CFU, 48 hrs).

The contents of the course "Theory of Structures" are:

  1. Solution of plane frames.
  2. Solution of grid structures.
  3. Introduction of finite element method.


  1. E. Viola"Fondamenti di Analisi Matriciale delle Strutture", Pitagora Editrice.
  2. Z.S. Makowski "Strutture Spaziali in Acciaio", Ufficio Italiano Sviluppo Acciaio.
  3. P.Matildi, C.Foti, A.Sollazzo "Tensostrutture e Sistemi Reticolari in Acciaio", Italsider Gruppo.

Teaching methods

After some revisions in itinere the students are admitted to a written examination.

Assessment methods

The Lab-based Course on Building and Architecture II is combined by:

Structure Design (8 CFU, 120 hrs)

Theory of Structures (4 CFU, 48 hrs).

The examination of the Lab-based Course on Building and Architecture II includes the verification of learning outcomes of the contents of all the 2 modules/teaching.

The verification of the understanding of the contents of the "Theory of Structures" will be also done through the evaluation of the exercises carried out by the students.

Teaching tools

Some notes will be available electronically via the digital platform.

Office hours

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