78651 - Laboratory of Smart Grids M

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of this Laboratory the students own the basis for using, designing and programming a DMS (distribution management system) for active distribution grids.

Course contents

The course of Laboratory of Smart Grid addresses some issues relevant to the working conditions of the power distribution network management in presence of distributed generation and of the systems that allow its smart management.

In particular, the course deals with the steady state and transient response of power grids by using suitable models of the main components of the electrical power systems, to be implemented in simulation environments such as EMTP-RV.

During the Laboratory activities, some of the methods supporting the smart management of active distribution networks, such as load flow calculation and state estimation, are applied to case studies to be solved by using Matlab and EMTP-RV, with reference to the recent technical standards for the connection of distributed generation resources to the power grid.

The course provides an introduction to real-time Labview programming for the development of signal acquisition systems, processing and control on reconfigurable platforms.


Lecture notes.

Teaching methods

Lectures and laboratory exercises.

Assessment methods

The examination at the end of the Laboratory aims at assessing the achievement of learning objectives, and consists of an oral test and a practical test (exam schedules are available at https://almaesami.unibo.it).

Office hours

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