00224 - Labour Law

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

This course provides an overview of Italian labour law, including the law relating to organizing, collective bargaining, contract enforcement and relations between unions and their members. The purpose is to provide a basic overview of the legal system and legal doctrines that govern labour relations in Italy and in the EU Institutions and to bring some critical analysis to bear on these systems and practices.

Course contents

The course focuses, both in a domestic and in an European perspective, on employment contract, regulation of the labour market, work performance, health and safety, unemployment benefits and allowances, outsourcing, alternative dispute resolution, trade union organization and activities, collective bargaining, international contracts, posted workers, judicial remedies.


- F. Carinci, R. De Luca Tamajo, P. Tosi, T. Treu, Il rapporto di lavoro subordinato, Utet, last ed.;

- F. Carinci, A. Pizzoferrato (a cura di), Manuale di diritto del lavoro dell'Unione europea, Giappichelli, 2018.

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons mixed with legal clinic case studies.

Assessment methods

Oral examination

Teaching tools

Summaries, text and slides will be provided on Internet platform.

Office hours

See the website of Alberto Pizzoferrato

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