74839 - Cultural Systems and Processes of Fashion (1)

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Basic notions about the evolution of the fashion system and its social, cultural and economic values.

Course contents

Analysis of main fashion theories of XX and XXI centuries, together with the evolution of the fashion system. Both the contribution of fashion theorists and designers and stylists will be presented. The evolution of the modern fashion system in Europe and the USA is analyzed in parallel - highlighting the peculiarities of each one, namely the Parisian haute couture, the Italian prêt à porter, the double transgressive and traditional soul of English fashion, the American casual - linking styles and production with the ideas on fashion that accompanied them.


Segre Reinach, S. La moda. Un'introduzione, Laterza 2010.

Codeluppi, V. Moda e pubblicità, Carocci 2016.

Course's material available on line.

Teaching methods

Traditional lessons and student's presentations.

Assessment methods

Teaching tools

Written test.

31 questions multiple choices, no penalties.

The questions are based upon readings indicated in the bibliiography's session. Questions deal with basic fashion theories and basic notions on fashion history. Students are required to understand the context and processess of the fashion system.

Office hours

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