73066 - Cultures and Practices of Fashion Design (1)

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student has theoretical notions and design practices in the fashion industry and is able to investigate the creative and cultural processes underlying them at the historical-critical level. He has basic knowledge of artistic movements, designers and stylistic attributes, the cultural aspects of design techniques, the relationship between material and visual culture, the links between the design, production and consumption of fashion in its aesthetic and cultural changes.

Course contents

The design is analyzed as a natural trigger of the most general process of a fashion company that will be studied through his main activities.

A1-The creative activities: style and design; A2-The modeling activities; A3-The commercial and marketing activities ; A4-The production activities ; A5-The distribution activities.

The entire business activity will then be reconsidered in the most general process of clothing and apparel chain


S.SAVIOLO - S.TESTA , Le imprese del sistema moda, ETAS, 2004

A.BARCARO, I processi di un'azienda fashion, pp 112-122 tratto da: P.Sorcinelli (a cura di), Studiare la moda, B.Mondadori, 2003

E.CIETTA, La rivoluzione del fast fashion : strategie e modelli organizzativi per competere nelle industrie ibride, ANGELI, 2008

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons

Assessment methods

The exam consists of a written test with questions that refer to the program and to the reference bibliographic texts. The objective is to evaluate the acquisition of basic and / or specialist knowledge related to the different thematic areas covered in the course.

The test is based on twenty multiple-choice questions and the time allotted is 30 minutes. All questions are equivalent in terms of scoring for the final grade. 20 correct answers guarantee the maximum grade. Incorrect answers result in a 1/3 penalty compared to a correct answer score, while the answers not given are neutral and do not result in scoring.

Teaching tools

video projection of teaching materials

Office hours

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