65822 - Epigenetics

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Students will acquire notions about the basic molecular mechanisms responsible for epigenetic phenomena  with a special emphasis on X-chromosome inactivation, allelic exclusion and DNA methylation dynamics during embryogenesis

Course contents

Lectures will deal with the following subject matters: X-chromosome inactivation, Genomic imprinting, Allelic exclusion, paramutation in plants, RNA interference,  chromatin organization, DNA methylation dynamics during embryogenesis, HSP90 buffering.


Scientific papers from top ranked journals such as Cell, Science, and Nature.

Teaching methods

Standard lectures and paper-reading

Assessment methods

Oral exam focusing on the general expects of the epigenetics phenomena, with a special attention on two paper articles to be chosen among those discussed in class.

Teaching tools

Slides and papers from scientific journals

Office hours

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