00929 - Modern History

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  • Teacher Fabio Martelli

  • Credits 9

  • SSD M-STO/02

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

Academic Year 2018/2019

Course contents

the political theology inside the russian and ottoman empire in the xviii century is linked to the proccess of grwoning of the cultural role of the western culture

the indigenous cultural leadership, like in Russia especially Sergeu Semenovic Uvarov, opern them the roots for a reinvention of the Past as instrument of news forms of the Power


B. Uspenskij, Storia e semiotica, Bompiani, 1988; B. Uspenskij, Tipologia delle culture, Bompiani, 1987; Ju. Lotman, Da Rousseau a Tolstoj, Il Mulino, 1998; F. Martelli, Imperi d'Oriente tra Illuminismo e riforme (1760-1840). Faint-Priest, D'Ohsson, Uvarov e le nuove teologie politiche, libreriauniversitaria.it Edizioni, in corso di stampa; Shrines of the Holy land contested by the Russian and the Turk, Longman, 1854; S. Uvarov, Nonnos von Panopolis Der Dichter, Pluchart, 1817.

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Assessment methods

the students can choice the oral or writ proof

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