38378 - Reliability and Quality Control

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Academic Year 2015/2016

Learning outcomes

Fundamentals of quality and reliability.

Course contents

Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics; fundamentals of metrology; definitions in the field of Reliability; Availability and Reliability functions, MTTF, MTBF, MTTR, reliability of mission; hazard models,  reliability analysis of components and systems; degradation models; FMEA, FMECA, FTA, accelerated  and truncated life tests, exponential and Weibull functions. Statistical Process Control, control charts for variables (x, R, S) and attributes (p, c, u). Capability process index, ARL, ATS


Teacher's notes    Antonio Zanini - Elementi di Affidabilità - Progetto Leonardo
Douglas C. Montgomery - Controllo statistico della Qualità - McGraw Hill

Office hours

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