Student representatives

Student representatives play a key role in improving the quality of the University's teaching programmes, representing the experiences and demands of first, second and third cycle students at institutional level.

Who they are

Selected among the students of the university through a democratic election process, they are the main spokespersons for the needs, criticisms and projects of our large student population.

Student representatives actively contribute to building a university community that reflects the needs and interests of students.

The diversity of experiences and perspectives the representatives bring makes them a dynamic group capable of representing different needs and points of view within the university.

The representatives are 'active citizens' of the University, getting to know the workings of the university world, while also fostering personal growth and the acquisition of skills that will be invaluable in the labour market and in any social experience in the years to come.

What they do

Student representatives are present in all bodies, organisations and working groups that deal with issues of interest to students. Their purpose is to express opinions on the proposals made during the sessions, acting as spokesperson for the needs and perspectives of the student community on teaching, services and every other aspect of university life.

The University of Bologna has representatives in the following bodies: Board of Governors, Academic Senate, Evaluation Group, Campus Boards, Department Boards and Committees, Faculty-student Joint Committee, Degree Programme Boards. The representatives also attend many other commissions and working groups both at University level and Department or Campus level.

Students also have an official representative body, the Student Council, which expresses mandatory opinions on proposals concerning the activation, modification or suppression of degree programmes and measures relating to the right to study and student services.

How they are elected

Students have the opportunity to elect their representatives to the Degree Programme Board, the Department Board and the Student Council.

Once elected, representatives may also become representatives in other bodies, including those outside the university, through second-level elections or by appointment:

  • Academic Senate: elected by the Student Council from among its members;
  • Board of Governors: elected by the Student Council from among its members;
  • Evaluation Board: elected by the Student Council from among its members;
  • Faculty-student Joint Committees: elected from among the representatives on the Departmental Board;
  • Campus Boards: elected by the representatives of the Degree Programme Boards on the Campus, and by the representatives of the Department Boards of the degree programmes running on the Campus, from among the representatives themselves;
  • Regional Student Council: elected by the Student Council from among its members;
  • University Sports Committee: elected by the Student Council from among its members.

The procedures for electing student representatives and their term of office are described in the specific University Regulations.

How to apply

It is possible to stand as a candidate in elections held every three years and in any by-elections.

Consult the election information

Where to find the names of the current representatives