Total merit-based exemption for students enrolled in the first year of second cycle degree programmes

The University of Bologna exempts students enrolled for the first year of a Second cycle degree programme from the payment of tuition fees if they satisfy specific merit requirements.

Students enrolled in the first year of second cycle degree programmes benefit from a total exemption from enrolment fees if they obtained the first cycle degree during a.y. 2023/24 at the University of Bologna, by 31 July 2024, within their course’s established duration and with a degree mark of no less than 110/110.

For those graduating from healthcare professional degree programmes, the deadline is set for 30 November, 2024.

The exemption is automatically granted at the time of enrollment to those who already hold a Bachelor’s degree. Those who enroll conditionally, meaning before obtaining their Bachelor’s degree, must contact the student office to receive the benefit.

Students will only have to pay €157.04, which includes regional tax, stamp duty and insurance.

The exemption is incompatible with other merit-based benefits granted by the University.  


Student Administration Offices

Contact the student administration department for all administrative procedures.