One Health Summer School - Deep Dive for doctoral researchers

One Health works towards the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and explores how health of humans, animals, other organisms and the environment are inextricably linked. The Una Europa One Health Summer School will bring together students from across the Una Europa Alliance to explore these interdisciplinary issues and work towards building solutions together.

Year 2023
Credits Programme without credits
Cost €300-€600
Starting date Jul 31, 2023
Finishing date Aug 02, 2023
Application deadline Mar 06, 2023 (Expired)
Selection date 17 April 2023
Una Europa Initiative The programme is developed within the Una Europa Alliance framework.
Course overview
Travel to KU Leuven this summer to connect with doctoral researchers and staff from across Una Europa and beyond to broaden your knowledge of One Health and develop a more transdisciplinary mindset by learning the theory of systems thinking and its application.
Subject area
Learning outcomes
By the end of the General Summer School you will be able to: - Understand the One Health concept and its relevance - Learn the application of systems thinking in One Health - Work in multicultural and transdisciplinary teams to recognize the complex roots of One Health, including social, cultural, economic, demographic and more - Build a conceptual systems model of a One Health challenge, using real data - Work with qualitative and quantitative models to solve One Health problems with real data - Learn to communicate scientific results to different audiences Please note: This programme is subject to change.
Admission qualifications
The One Health Summer School – Deep Dive welcomes applications from Una Europa’s doctoral researchers. This experience is designed for students from a wide range of disciplines and serves as an introduction to the One Health field with an in-depth focus on topics such as Systems Thinking.

If accepted, you will join a diverse group of students from our Una Europa partner institutions. Three students from each university of the Una Europa alliance will be selected to participate in the programme.
Place of teaching
KU Leuven