Regulation Governing the PhD Programme Degrees (Third Cycle Programme)

On May 10th, 2022 a new PhD Programmes Regulation (in Italian) has entered into force. The new Regulation will apply to PhD programmes activated from A.Y. 2022/2023 onwards.

Starting from May 31st, 2023 the English version [.pdf 333 KB] of the new PhD Programmes Regulation is available. 

DISCLAIMER: The English version of the Regulation is a non-official version and cannot be referred to for legal purposes. It  is only meant to provide information in English on the rules covering PhD studies at the University of Bologna. Only the version published in the University of Bologna Bulletin (Bollettino Ufficiale n. 241 del 15/12/2016) shall prevail and be binding. 

For Phd Programmes activated before, the previous 2016 PhD Programmes Regulation [.pdf 274 KB] shall remain into force.

National legislation on doctoral studies

Law 30 December 2010, n. 240

Rules concerning the organization of universities, academic staff and recruitment, and delegation to the Government to encourage quality and efficiency of university system

Ministerial Decree December 14th, 2021, n. 226 [.pdf 3185 KB]

Rules and procures for the accreditation of doctoral programmes and the criteria for their institution by accredited bodies

Download the 2022 PhD Programmes Regulation - referred to 38th cycle onwards


PhD Programmes Regulation (English version) 38th cycle onwards

(.pdf 333 KB)

Updated on 31 May 2023

Download the 2016 PhD Programmes Regulation - referred to 37th cycle backwards


PhD Programme Regulation

(.pdf 274 KB)

Updated on 17 October 2017


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