88079 - International Economics

Academic Year 2021/2022

  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Forli
  • Corso: First cycle degree programme (L) in International relations and diplomatic affairs (cod. 8048)

Learning outcomes

The aim is to provide basic knowledge of Open Macroeconomics and International trade issues. At the end of the course the students are expected to be able to use concepts currently employed in the economic debate, like, exchange rates, balance of payments, exports, FDI. They are expected to understand the rationales underlying the macroeconomic and trade policies in open economies and to analyse the main international economic events related to globalization.

Course contents

International Trade Models (e.g., The Ricardian model, The Heckscher-Ohlin model, ...)

Trade policy

International monetary economics: Money, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates.

Political economy of international trade: causes and consequences


"International Economics: Theory and Policy" Paul R. Krugman, Maurice Obsfeld and Marc Melitz. Editor: Pearson Education

If needed, references to additional teaching material (articles, reports, slides, etc.) will be provided in class.

Teaching methods

Frontal lectures and discussions in class.

Assessment methods

Written exam and group project presentation.

Teaching tools

Published material (papers and slides) on the Virtuale Platform.

Office hours

See the website of Alessandro Saia


No poverty Decent work and economic growth Reduced inequalities

This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.