FAQ Transferable skills course units


How can I participate in transferable skills course units?

To participate you need to add the course unit you are interested into your curriculum through Studenti Online starting from the release date, which is the same for all degree programmes (the second Monday of October), unless otherwise specified.

Can I include transferable skills every year?

These course units can only be included in the year in which the course structure diagram contains the elective university educational credits.

I’m a student “fuori corso” (past envisaged completion time for the degree course), can I choose the transferable skills course units?

No, given the limited number of places, these course units are dedicated to students enrolled in the course.

Who are the Italian language workshops aimed at?

They are specialised programmes for Italian native speaker students or students with a very advanced knowledge of Italian who want to deepen their knowledge of the language. International students interested in Italian language courses can get in touch with the CLA (University Language Centre)

I did not pass the Additional Learning Requirements and am enrolled as a repeater. The system does not allow me to add one of the transferable skills. What can I do?

The course units are reserved for enrolled students. You will have to replace these course units with others that do not have such constraints by asking your student administration office for support. However, you will be able to attend any lessons you may have included the previous year and did not attend.

I found the option of choosing your course units in the elective credits while I was filling in the curriculum, but I cannot continue because there are no more places available. Is it possible to do something in this case?

These course units have a limited number of places, partly because of the teaching methods used. Once this limit has been exceeded, it is not possible to participate. Places may become available if a student were to cancel an activity from his/her curriculum, in which case the place will be automatically vacated and made available on Studentionline.

I read that transferable skills are mandatory activities that must be included in the curriculum. Is that true?

Inclusion of exams to test transferable skills in the study plan is not mandatory. Naturally, it is necessary to include them in the study plan in order to study them and take the exam.

I would like to ask if I have to choose a course unit held where I study or if I can choose activities that take place on another campus.

All students can participate in course units taught on any campus.


Do the transferable skills course units have compulsory attendance?

Yes, for at least 70% of the total number of hours required for learning activities. 

I am studying abroad as part of the Erasmus project, and last year I was told by my professor that, in this case, I would be justified for the first semester. Is this information correct?

Absences exceeding 30% of the total number of hours required for compulsory attendance cannot be justified.

I was unable to attend a transferable skills course unit because I was doing an internship abroad. Can I attend it a year after adding it to my curriculum?

The transferable skills cannot be recovered in other editions/at other times since, due to the limited number of places, they must be attended in the year you have chosen. In the next academic year, if you are in a position to submit a curriculum, you will be able to reinclude the course unit you are interested in.

I would like to ask when the course units will be held and if there is an online platform with a calendar with all the dates and other information or notices.

All information about the calendar will be made available in the Teaching methods section of the web guides of each course unit.

I was told that I must state that I will not be attending a course unit that has already been included in my curriculum. Is it true?

Since these modules have limited places, it is necessary to inform the University so that it may be made available to other students. During the period in which it is still possible to change the study plan online, you can simply undo the selection made. Otherwise you will need to send an email to aform.competenzetrasversali@unibo.it


I attended the Information Literacy course unit, when will proficiency be recorded?

Once all activities have been completed on the IOL platform, the teachers will mark the papers. Once proficiency has been confirmed on IOL, it will be automatically and immediately included in the student’s career.

I attended a transferable skills course unit. When will it be recorded?

As for all learning activities, the teacher of the course is in charge of recording and is the right person to contact for such questions.

International programmes

I am an incoming Erasmus student, can I access these course units?

Yes, after you have included them in your curriculum. Important: soft skill do not belong to any ISCED field of study and the marks obtained cannot be associated with ECTS tables or converted into the ECTS scale. Further information about ECTS tables and scale.

I am an Erasmus outgoing student, can I include these course units in my abroad study curriculum?

No, that is not possible. These course units have a limited number of places and compulsory attendance, which means you must attend them in the lecture room and at the University of Bologna. By including them, you would be taking up the place of students who are actually attending.


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