Online courses on Health and Safety in Study and Research Areas

The University of Bologna offers e-learning training courses to all its students as part of the programme to promote Health and Safety in study and research areas.

General training (Module 1) and specific training (Module 2) are compulsory for all students who for study or research purposes work in laboratories, including IT laboratories, workshops, operating rooms, experimental fields, archaeological excavations, geological sites, and all other work places that present specific risks. According to the Consolidated Safety Act (Legislative Decree 81/08), the status of students in all of these situations, as concerning their safety, is deemed equivalent to that of workers, and like workers, they must be familiar with health and safety requirements in areas designated for work. Modules 1 and 2 are available in Italian and in English.

Courses are in any event open to all students, including those not of worker-equivalent status, even if for these students they are not compulsory.

To take the courses, students must access the e-learning platform entering their username and password, and click on the title of the course they wish to choose.

After completing Module 1 and Module 2, there will be an assessment test. Should you fail the test, you will have to wait 7 days before you can access the safety course again.

The courses can be taken with effect from the date of matriculation. After completing each online training course, students will be able to take the final test directly on the platform. Once they have passed the test, students can download the certificate from Studenti Online. Irrespective of the language chosen, the certificate will be available both in Italian and in English.

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