Work in progress in the teaching facilities of the Ravenna Campus

Updated information on the accessibility of Campus facilities undergoing construction or renovation works.

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In this page you will find the list of Campus structures where there are construction work in progress. Due to works, some spaces may not be temporarily usable.

Updated as of Tuesday 2 July 2024.




Palazzo Corradini, via Mariani 5

All classrooms accessible

Computer lab accessible

Refreshment Room, Piazzetta Universitaria of Palazzo Corradini, via Mariani 5

Open from Monday to Friday, 12-6pm


Central Campus Library, via Mariani 5
(see also the Library web page)

Open from Monday to Friday, 9am-midnight; Saturday and Sunday, 9am-6pm

Library services available

Environmental Science, via Sant'Alberto 163

Forbidden spaces


Department of History and Cultures – Ravenna UOS, via S. Vitale 28-30

Aula Bovini forbidden

Rosati classroom accessible

Materials laboratory, Archaeozoology laboratory and internal garden forbidden

Restoration laboratory accessible

Library of the Department of History and Cultures – Ravenna UOS, via S. Vitale 28-30
(see also the Library web page)

Forbidden spaces

Library services active

Law, via G. Oberdan 1

All classrooms accessible

Study room, Refreshment point, Computer lab accessible

Published on: 23 April 2024


Public Relations Office - Ravenna Campus

Person in charge: Roberto Merloni
Staff: Roberto Merloni, Romina Piazza


Via A. Baccarini 27, 48121 Ravenna

Office hours

Public reception and telephone call centre:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: from h 9.00 to 12
Tuesday: from h 9 to 12 and from h 14 to 15.30
Thursday: from h 14 to 15.30

You can request an appointment via email.

+39 0544 936290