LikeHome - Assessing and recognising the prior learning of migrants - Bridging the gap and paving the road to educational and social integration

Scientific manager: Cristiano Fragassa

Unibo structure involved: Department of Psychology, Department of Industrial Engeneering

Unibo Team: Rabih Chattat, Ana Pavlovic, Paola Bonifacci


Project Duration in months: 24
Start Date: 01/12/2016
End Date: 30/11/2018

Budget: 550.240,00  euro  
Unibo Budget: 65.601,00 euro

Coordinator: Universidad de Alicante (ES)

  • Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna (IT),
  • Eurotraining Educational Organization (GR),
  • European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Train (BE),
  • Landkreis Kassel (DE),
  • Folkuniversitetet, Stiftelsen vid Lunds Universitet (SE),
  • Ethnikos Organismos Pistopiisis Prosonton & Epaggelmatikou PRO (GR),
  • Die Berater Unternehmensberatungs Gesellschaft MBH, ÖJAB –Österreichische Jungarbeiterbewegung (AU)

The overall aim of the LikeHome project is to foster the inclusion of newly arrived migrants and refugees to the host country education and training system, to the local economy and to the society in general. More specifically, LikeHome project’s strategic objective is to design and deliver a Framework of best practices, based on techniques that have been successfully used in other cases, for the assessment and recognition of migrants prior learning, qualifications and

competencies. A set of e-tools is also delivered to support this goal.

Recognition of prior knowledge and skills is key for integration into the host country’s training system and economy.

Difficulty in the recognition of prior knowledge usually results in underemployment and over-qualification or even complete lack of job or educational opportunities for the migrants.

A set of seven (7) best practices from frontrunner countries is adapted and transferred to the target countries. These best practices will form the “LikeHome Framework”. Furthermore, all 7 “best practices” selected will be presented through train-the-trainer seminars in the target countries. Trainers that will follow the seminars will also get a certification and will act as knowledge multipliers.

Training seminars will also be organised in each participating country for government/regional officers and qualifications assessment bodies, responsible for the skills assessment of newly arrived migrants. Trainers trained in the previously mentioned seminars may also deliver those seminars, in combination with the VET partners of the consortium. Finally, the participants of these seminars will use the LikeHome tools and framework methodologies to assess the skills and prior knowledge of at least 50 newly arrived migrants in each participating country. In this way, the framework will be put into practice and deliver its first tangible results for the migrants.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union