Our commitment: training, research and third mission

Our values

The University of Bologna bases its activities on one belief: every person has unique potential. We are committed to facilitating the full expression of every talent, opening the door to a vast array of possibilities.

The awareness of being able to make a relevant contribution to the common good permeates all the activities of the University of Bologna through direct involvement in the co-creation of value with our community and society as a whole.

A strong imprint of values, a decisive political line and an ambition inspired by our history and ideals, renewing them every day. Ambition that translates into the ability to promote broad and significant relations at local, national and international level.

The people

With more than nine centuries of history, the Alma Mater Studiorum is constantly growing in numbers and size, but always aspires to the highest educational and scientific quality.

In the mutual intertwining of teaching, research and third mission, a cohesive academic community oriented to the realisation of our statutory values continues to grow.
The University of Bologna’s long history, daily effort and constant orientation towards the future enable it to be a community of people where seemingly incompatible values and goals coexist, integrate harmoniously and strengthen each other.

The University of Bologna is an institution nurtured every day by the commitment of the entire university community: academic staff, technical-administrative staff and students.

In response to the challenges and opportunities of the future, multiplicity becomes our distinguishing feature: we believe that an environment that cultivates different perspectives and relationships can achieve more meaningful growth and development.

Our vision

We aim for ever greater inclusion and equity, promoting a culture of diversity and valuing each person's talent and merit. Listening and dialogue, fundamental to the co-creation of value, guide our work.

In the field of education, we are renowned for our pioneering approach that recognises the importance of innovation in responding to the growing needs of people and society. We explore advanced teaching methods, adapting to the dynamics of educational developments in order to provide effective and relevant responses to people's growing needs and offering tools and skills in line with the changing needs of the contemporary world.


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