Rimini Campus

HomeLab | The virtual lab outside the Campus

You can connect to our virtual machine from outside University structures everywhere, anytime and with any device (desktop PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

Who can use the service?

The service is reserved for students of the Rimini Campus. 
Access to the service is strictly personal.

Service Features

HomeLab allow to use the software installed in Rimini Campus IT Labs from your home computer or through your mobile devices.

Homelab is available in 2 flavors:

  • HomeLab Statistic, which is reserved to students who use statistical software (like Stata, Spss, Eview, Microsoft Office) and are enrolled in courses of the School of Economics, Management and Statistics
  • HomeLab, which is open to all the students of the Rimini Campus

Every data you save into your own "Documents" folder from Homelab, will be available in every other PC of the Campus IT Labs. This folder has a limited space of 100 Mb. Data saved elsewhere on Homelab machines are VOLATILE (you will lost them once you disconnect, restart, or switch off Homelab)

How to access the service 

In the attachments box you will find general instructions for configuring VMWARE HORIZON client that will allow you to use the virtual lab.