HomeLabs | Virtual laboratories from everywhere

Homelabs let the students and the teachers to remotely access the labs of Rimini Campus with their own PC, or any mobile device (laptop, tablet, smartphone).

Who can access

Every student and every teacher of Rimini Campus can use Homelab. Access is strictly personal.

Homelabs features

Students and teachers can benefit of the same software that phisical PCs on the Campus are provided with.

HomeLabs is the virtual lab:

  • HomeworkLab, for training and practise

Access: howto

Users can:

Institutional credential are needed.

Download and upload from/to Homelabs

Downloading and uploading on Homelabs PCs should be done through Microsoft OneDrive.
It is the storage space on the Microsoft Cloud, included into the Office365 Suite, which every student and teacher of University of Bologna can use (institutional credentials are needed).



Wifi support service

If you are unable to connect your device to AlmaWifi or WifiLab networks, please contact the service


Via Angherà, 22 | Primo piano

Office hours

mond.wedn.thur.frid. from 10 to 12 am
wedn. from 1.30 to 3.30 pm

Settore Servizi Informatici (Assistenza e sviluppo)

Responsabile: Maria Cristina Mancini - Vice Responsabile: Massimo Baroni - Staff: Simone Ancarani, Ludovico Antonio Muratori, Cristian Righi, Luca Rimondi, Antonella Sala, Francesco Urbinati


Via Angherà, 22 (first floor) - RIMINI

Office hours

From monday to friday 9am/12.15pm – 1pm/4.30pm

+39 0541 4 34205

+39 0541 4 34128