Microsoft Office 365

Following an agreement with Microsoft, all students at the University of Bologna can use the Office 365 suite free of charge.

What is it?

Office 365 is a suite of personal productivity tools that includes email, professional editing, spreadsheet and presentation management and document sharing.

Who can use it?

Office 365 is available to all enrolled University of Bologna students and it is accessible at the with university account username and password (

When the student’s relationship with the university ceases, he or she can continue to use the email service.

When the study period finishes, the validity of Office Products license ends if Office Products had been set up on a personal computer using the agreement with Microsoft and the University of Bologna.
To continue to use the Office Products you must purchase a license according to the business conditions of the producer.

What does the license include?

The license includes:

  • the possibility to use the  online version of Office, which includes, for example, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (email, contacts, calendar, activities);
  • the possibility to download and install more recent versions of Office;
  • Access to Onedrive: cloud storage space for documents, photos and videos, modifiable and shareable in all your devices;
  • Skype for Business: instant messaging software, audio and video calls, online meetings and presentations, information on availability and sharing within your organisation.


The University of Bologna does not provide technical support for the use, downloading and installation of the tools included in the license. 
For all information, consult the online product documentation.