Information on entry visa and residence permit for international citizens

Information for international PhD applicants and PhD candidates

To participate in the PhD programme selections, you have to submit your application following the instructions provided in the call for applications, which is published yearly. For specific international programmes (e.g.: CSF, China Scolarship Council, etc), please check the relevant call for applications.

Please note that PhD candidates who have been awarded a research fellowship (e.: MSCA) must comply with the rules of their specific projects (entry visa for research purposes). 

If you are a EU applicant or candidate, you must check that the identity document is valid for the whole period of their stay in Italy and must have an appropriate health insurance valid also for Italy (TEAM card and/or private insurance). 

If you are a non-EU applicant or candidate not resident in Italy, you must apply for a entry visa and, at your arrival in Italy, for a residence permit for study. 

Short-term visa to take the examination in presence

If you are a non-EU citizen, not resident in Italy, applying for a PhD position and the examination must be held only in presence, you will have to request an entry study visa to the relevant Italian diplomatic mission. In order to apply for a short-term visa, please contact the PhD Unit and ask for the proper declaration. 

Study visa to attend the PhD programme

If you are a successful candidate and have already completed the enrolment procedures (including the payment of the enrolment fees), you will have to apply for a entry study visa to enter Italy. In order to apply for a study visa, please send to the PhD Unit the certificate request form avaiable on the page Certificates for PhD candidates.

If you are a non-EU citizen with a residence permit issued by a country in the European Union, contact the International Desk to check if you require an entry visa. 

Residence permit

Once in Italy, please contact the PhD Unit to finalize your enrolment, by submitting your original documents and the passport-size photos.

Please remember that, by law, within 8 working days from your arrival in Italy, you must submit your residence permit request to the Italian Immigration Office (Questura). In order to receive assistance with the residence permit application, you can contact the International Desk following the procedure in the Guidelines.

After receiving the residence permit, please remember to send a scanned copy to the PhD Unit. Failing to do so, after 150 days from the enrollment, your career will be blocked.  

Residence permit: how to apply by yourself

Otherwise, you can apply directly for the residence permit for study, asking for the kit to the authorized post offices. The kit contains the form and the relevant instructions.
Having correctly completed the form, you must go to a post office and deliver:

  • the form in an unsealed envelope;
  • a 16,00 euro stamp duty;
  • your original passport and a photocopy of it (blank pages not included).
  • a photocopy of the health and accident insurance policy;
  • a certificate of enrollment in the PhD programme or a self-certification;
  • For PhD candidates applying for a renewal of their residence permit: evidences of funds needed to cover maintenance costs in Italy (for 2016, the minimum required is 5.824,91 Euro). You can submit your bank account statement or, if you have been awarded a scholarship, an official letter stating the amount and the duration.

At the post office, you must:

  • pay the payment slip (bollettino postale). Amount  for a stay of more than 3 months: 110,46 euro
  • send the envelop containing all the documents by registered-post. Amount: 30 euro

After having sent the kit through the post office, you will be given an appointment at the Immigration office of the relevant Police Headquarters (Questura) for photographic registration. Punctuality is strongly recommended.

Please, send a scanned copy of the receipt to the PhD Unit: The residence permit is issued for the same reasons and for the same duration indicated in the visa or on the Health Insurance policy if the insurance policy duration is shorter than the visa, your residence permit will have the same duration of the insurance policy.

Please remember to:

  • provide a correct domicile address to the post office: the Questura will send any notices or calls in the event of problems in issuing the residence permit to the indicated address. It is important that your surname is indicated correctly on the letterbox/door entry phone.
  • keep the receipt always with you, as an evidence that you have duly requested your residence permit.

A few weeks after the appointment at the Questura, you can check the status of your residence permit application typing the code provided in the application receipt. As soon as the residence permit is ready, you have to fix another appointment  in order to collect it.

Once you collect the residence permit, please remember to send a scanned copy to Failing to do so, after 150 days from the enrollment, your career will be blocked.