Foto del docente

Adamo Domenico Rombolà

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/03 Arboriculture and Fruitculture


Jiménez-Rosado, Mercedes; Rodriguez Declet, Arleen; Negri, Paola; Guerrero, Antonio; Romero, Alberto; Domenico Rombolà, Adamo, Use of protein-based matrices as amino acids source in in-vitro grapevine, «JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY», 2024, 99, pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]

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Rodriguez Declet A.; Castro Marin Antonio.; Moretti Luca; Lombini A.; Chinnici F.; Rombola A.D., Characterization of VOCs Emitted by Foliage of Grapevine cv. Isabella for Prospecting Innovative Cropping Systems, «AGRONOMY», 2022, 12, Article number: 272 , pp. 272 - 284 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Ruolo editoriale nella rivista «Agronomy»

Vasconcelos Botelho R.; Piva R.; Rombolà A.D., Benefícios ambientais e crescimento do mercado impulsionam vinhos biodinâmicos e orgânicos, «Revista Visão Agrícola», 2021, 14, pp. 95 - 98 [Scientific article]Open Access

Nakib D.; Slatni T.; Di Foggia M.; Rombola A.D.; Abdelly C., Changes in organic compounds secreted by roots in two Poaceae species (Hordeum vulgare and Polypogon monspenliensis) subjected to iron deficiency, «JOURNAL OF PLANT RESEARCH», 2021, 134, pp. 151 - 163 [Scientific article]

Piva R.; Vasconcelos Botelho R.; Giloni de Lima P.C.; Rombolà A.D; Nardi C.;, Effect of organic and biodynamic management on chemical characteristics, macrofauna and biological activity of soil in a vineyard of cv. BRS Carmen, «Revista Brasileira de Agropecuária Sustentável», 2021, 11, pp. 375 - 384 [Scientific article]Open Access

Sevindik O.; Kelebek H.; Rombola A.D.; Selli S., Grape seed oil volatiles and odour activity values: a comparison with Turkish and Italian cultivars and extraction methods, «JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY», 2021, 59, pp. 1968 - 1981 [Scientific article]

Ruolo editoriale nella rivista «Journal of Raw Materials to Processed Foods»

Bertaccini A., P. Rahulia, A. Rodriguez, A.D. Rombolà, N. Contaldo, La flavescenza dorata in Emilia-Romagna, «L'INFORMATORE AGRARIO», 2021, 13, pp. 50 - 51 [Scientific article]