Guidelines to promote equal opportunities and gender balance at events and in the composition of the work groups and committees of the University of Bologna

These guidelines are intended to encourage the valorisation of people’s diversities and merit, offering all members of the university community adequate visibility during the participation in scientific and third mission events organised by the University, scientific committees, and in any other event sponsored by the University.

The guidelines are recommendations to the decision makers of the University, Departments, Schools, and all other facilities (and all their components), as well as to the teachers who work at the University, to sensitize the entire community and ensure good practices involving the fundamental values of the Code of Ethics and Conduct of our University – such as valorising human resources, equal opportunities, gender balance, and inclusiveness – are applied.

Taking a cue from documents with similar purposes adopted nationally and internationally by universities and scientific companies, these guidelines provide suggestions that should be taken into account when deciding on the composition of committees, or when selecting delegates and guest speakers for scientific or third mission events, to encourage inclusive conduct that valorises diversity, especially in relation to gender, and different skills. Good practices are organised by area.