Alma Digital Library

AlmaDL, Alma Digital Library, is the University's digital library. It gathers, stores and makes available digital collections on the web, to support teaching and research.

AlmaDL offers integrated access to digital contents produced by professors, researchers and students at the University of Bologna. It provides technical assistance for electronic publishing and digitalisation of antique and prestigious paper-based materials. It promotes open access to research results.

The AlmaDL digital collections that are currently available are:

  • AMS Acta: scientific publications and preprints;
  • AMS Campus: teaching material;
  • AMS Historica: digital editions of rare and prestigious antique works;
  • AMS Riviste: e-magazines;
  • AMS Tesi di dottorato (Thesis);
  • AMS Tesi di laurea (Dissertations).

Intuitive, functional search interfaces help scholars and students to find the digital contents they are looking for, also using Internet search engines and dedicated scientific publication portals.

Simple on-line delivery procedures allow professors, researchers and anyone participating in the teaching and research activities of the University to independently manage the web publication of their own digital contents, increasing visibility and impact.

AlmaDL also offers additional services, including the application for ISSN codes and the legal deposit of theses at the National Central Libraries in Rome and Florence.

In collaboration with the university libraries, AlmaDL also coordinates a centralised on-line bibliography service "Chiedi al Bibliotecario" ("Ask the Librarian") and Digitocs, a service which enhances the books catalogue of the Bologna SBN Pole which allows you to consult the summary pages of the catalogued books on the Internet.

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