Online internships and agreements

This service aims to facilitate contact between the university, students, graduates and businesses interested in internships. It is managed by the Internships and Agreements Office.

Online internships and agreements - Students

The university's online service allowing students to consult the list of all facilities holding agreements with the university to run internships, and to book internships.

To use the service, you must register with the application Internships - Student Access entering your username and password used to access all university services.

Online internships and agreements - Teachers and university operators

The university's online service where teachers and university operators manage the administrative side of internships and agreements.

To access the service, users must have the profile enabling them to work in this area, and must access the application Internships - Staff Access  using the username and password assigned by the University.

Online internships and agreements - Businesses and organisations

Businesses and organisations interested in offering internships must, if they have not already done so, sign an agreement with the University of Bologna, registering with the application Internships - Business Access  
Having signed the agreement, the business/organisation will receive a username and password used for access to the application, to update their own data and/or publish internship offers directly online.