People and the community

Connecting with people to generate benefits for society.

Dialogue, listening, co-creating

We work with local communities, civil society organisations, public and private institutions to listen to people's needs, design and implement initiatives that can meet real community needs.
An inclusive and collaborative approach to effectively address contemporary complexities and create a lasting positive impact on people's lives.

The university is not only a place of education and research, but also an institution that plays an important role in promoting culture, innovation and social welfare.

Involving people

The university is a space where all people can participate and actively contribute to the projects and actions we promote.
This active interaction helps to better understand local and global needs and builds trust and understanding between the academic institution and society, helping students to become informed and engaged citizens.

Through public engagement initiatives, we facilitate the transformation of academic discoveries into practical solutions, and create opportunities for exchange, study and insight into topics of shared interest.

Culture, news and initiatives

What's happening in the University, events and initiatives open to the public. 

Medicine and public healthcare

Medical, healthcare and psychological services providing the public with high standards of assistance. 

Museums and libraries

A heritage of science, art, history and services at the disposal of the university and local communities.