Flexible curriculum - Extension of the study period

If you have specific needs and wish to extend your period of study and you are aligned to the exam schedule, you may submit a flexible curriculum application to the student administration office. This option allows you to carry out your university career over a longer period of time than normal, while remaining aligned to the exam schedule.

Please be reminded that once you choose the flexible curriculum option, you must follow it for at least two years.

The flexible curriculum is structured as follows:

  • for First Cycle Degree programmes, 180 CFU are awarded over 6 years instead of 3 years. For every two years in the study plan, you will obtain 60 CFU;
  • for Second Cycle Degree programmes/Two Year Masters, 120 CFU are awarded over 4 years instead of 2 years. For every two years in the study plan, you will obtain 60 CFU;
  • For Single cycle degree programmes in Law and Primary Education Sciences, the 300 CFU are distributed over 10 years instead of 5. For every two years in the study plan, you will obtain 60 CFU.

Please Note: you may obtain your degree before the end of the period agreed, but to take the final exam sooner, you must have paid for the entire scheduled period.

Who can apply

You may apply if you are enrolled in a First Cycle or Second Cycle Degree Programme (including single cycle degrees in Law and Primary Education Sciences), with the exception of the following:

  • International degree programmes activated thanks to specific agreements with foreign partners
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics
  • Construction Engineering / Architecture
  • Architecture
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies
  • Pharmacy

Non-EU students, who reside abroad or hold a valid residence permit for study purposes, should contact the International desk for information on how to extend their residence permit to extend their study period.

Procedure and deadline to apply for a flexible curriculum

To apply for a flexible curriculum, after having paid the matriculation or enrolment fee, you must submit your application to the student administration office by 27 December 2018.

If after having opted for a flexible curriculum, you transfer to a different Degree Programme of the University of Bologna, you must submit the application again.

Tuition fees for flexible curricula

When you enrol, you must pay the regional tax (€140.00), stamp duty (€16.00) and insurance cover (€1.64).

Tuition fees are reduced by 50% and the same reduction is applied to the merit requirements necessary to calculate the amount payable based on your ISEE value. Please see the Tuition fees page for all the details on tuition calculations and payments.