Enrolling in a second cycle degree programme - foreign qualification

General information

You can be admitted to a second cycle degree programme if you hold a suitable foreign university or post-secondary qualification which allows study continuation in the subsequent cycle at a university in one’s country of reference.

The suitability of the qualification for entry to second cycle degree programmes at the University of Bologna is checked by the competent Degree Programme Boards, which apply the same criteria (curricular requirements and assessment of personal competencies and skills) established for candidates holding Italian academic qualifications.

Documents to be submitted upon matriculation

At matriculation, you need to submit:

Take action well in advance to collect the necessary documents for enrolment. If you studied in a country outside the European Union, contact the Italian Embassy in your country and the relevant local offices in time to prepare the documents.

If you are a non-EU citizen residing abroad, also remember to pre-enrol and apply for a visa for study purposes.

Any questions?

You can contact the International Desk for any questions concerning the suitability of your qualifications.

How qualifications earned abroad are evaluated by degree programme boards

For degrees earned in Italy, curricular requirements are often expressed with reference to degree classes and subject groups which have alphanumerical codes associated with the degrees and disciplines studied. For degrees earned abroad, the assessment of curricular requirements is based on an evaluation of the exams passed and course syllabi.

The assessment of personal competencies and skills is based on the specific procedures of each degree programme.

Important! The degree programme board assesses only the substantial aspect of your degree(s) (learning outcomes and syllabus), based on the copies of the degrees and certificates provided and on the Diploma Supplement, if applicable. It does not carry out a formal verification of the degree.

A formal evaluation is carried out, however, by the Student Administration Office after online matriculation is completed and the original documents have been provided.

The evaluation concerns degree title, type, duration and level, issuing institution, prior education, academic rights and actual completion and awarding of the qualification(s).

If, following the evaluation, you would like your degree to be examined more thoroughly, please contact the International Desk and request a re-evaluation of your degree explaining the reasons for your request.