05118 - Medical Clinic and Medical Treatment (LZ-C)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student possesses: - the ability of clinical reasoning adequate to analyze and solve the most common and relevant clinical problems of medical interest; - the ability to correctly apply the methodologies suitable for detecting clinical, functional and laboratory findings, interpreting them critically also from a pathophysiological point of view, for the purposes of diagnosis and prognosis and the ability to evaluate the cost / benefit ratios in the choice of diagnostic procedures; - the ability to analyze and solve clinical problems of a medical nature, evaluating the relationships between benefits, risks and costs in the light of the principles of evidence-based medicine and diagnostic-therapeutic appropriateness; - the ability to correctly set up a therapeutic program in the context of the most common and relevant clinical pictures of medical interest, knowing how to make choices in the light of the principles of evidence-based medicine.


Harrison, Principi di Medicina Interna. Ventesima edizione, McGraw Hill

Teaching methods

Lessons will take place with the help of clinical cases and discussion of the literature and guidelines.

Assessment methods

Exam in presence

Office hours

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