37675 - Experimental Marine Laboratory

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the activity carried out at a marine biology laboratory, the student gains familiarity with the problems and methods of the field work. It is able to collect samples, using the appropriate techniques according to the purpose of the study, and to analyze them. It is familiar with databases and statistical data analysis techniques.

Course contents

During the Experimental Laboratory at Sea the students will be divided into groups that, coordinated by the teachers, will develop a specific path from the formulation phase of the hypothesis, to the definition of the sampling design and the analysis of the data. The activities will be organized in a workshop in Ravenna, to prepar the activities at sea. At the end of the activities of the MS Laboratory at sea, back in Ravenna, each group will perform the analysis and interpretation of the results under the guidance of the teacher.
The activities of the Experimental Laboratory in the Sea are normally held in June.


supporting material will be available online

Teaching methods

The course is based on the collection of data in the field.  Collected data will be processed using statistical software and spreadsheets. At the end of the activities in the field of Experimental Laboratory in the Sea some meetings will be held in Ravenna to complete the integration and analysis and interpretation of the results obtained.

Assessment methods

The e score will be defined by the examining board based on the evaluation of the individual written thesis on one of the topics developed during the course.

Teaching tools

Students will be provided with some reference articles for the activities that will be carried out during the Experimental Laboratory in the Sea. During the sea activities students will have all the necessary tools to carry out their research (microscopes, sampling tools, material for outings at sea, etc.).

Office hours

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