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Academic Year 2018/2019

Course contents

Modulo 1 (Prof. Trentini): The main concepts of organization sociology will be presented (the structure, the environment, the culture, the processes). Then the main features of the organization of early childhood services will be presented.


Modulo 2 (Prof. Gigli): The focus will be on the main features of the socio-educational services (early childhood services in Emilia-Romagna; training, planning and documentation in the early childhood services; the role of the pedagogical coordinator, the relationship with the families, etc.).


Bifulco, L., (2012), Che cos'è una organizzazione, Carocci, Roma, Nuova edizione ('modulo 1')

Bigi, E., Mei, S., (2010), (a cura di), I Servizi per l'infanzia in Emilia-Romagna. Contributi per la formazione degli educatori, Quaderno 22, Regione Emilia-Romagna (no chapter VII, chap. I, II 'modulo 1', chap. III, IV, V, VI 'modulo 2'). The book is available in the teaching material.

Sabatinelli, S., (2016), Politiche per crescere. La prima infanzia tra cura e investimento sociale, il Mulino, Bologna ('modulo 1')

Infantino, A., (2002), Progettazione pedagogica e organizzazione del servizio, Guerini Ed., Milano, (Chapters 4 and 5) (modulo 2').


For Erasmus students, information on texts is provided in the section 'Assessment methods'.


Teaching methods


Assessment methods

The exam is written and consists of two parts (Modulo 1: multiple choice text, 15 questions. Modulo 2: closed questions and short open answers). It will last 1 hour e 30 minutes. The two tests must always be carried out at the same time; the final mark will be given by the average of the marks obtained in the two modules.

To register for the exam, access AlmaEsami. https://almaesami.unibo.it/almaesami/welcome.htm


The preparation of the exam includes a facilitated program. It is advisable to study in depth:

- Bifulco, L., (2012), Che cos'è una organizzazione, Carocci, Roma, Nuova edizione ('modulo 1');

- Bigi, E., Mei, S., (2010), (edited by), Services for children in Emilia-Romagna. Contributions for the training of educators, Quaderno 22, Emilia-Romagna Region, chap. I, II, ('modulo1'), III, IV, V, VI ('modulo 2')
The text can only be downloaded from the Emilia-Romagna Region website at the link


The exam will be written in Italian and it will last 1 hour and 30 minutes. It will be structured as follows:
- modulo 1: multiple choice text (15 questions);
- modulo 2: 3 open-ended questions (max 15 lines) extracted from a list of questions that will be available on Alessandra Gigli's web page.

The two tests must always be carried out at the same time.



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