Benefits for students with brothers and/or sisters, or parents and/or children, enrolled at the University of Bologna

Tuition fees are reduced for households with more than one member enrolled at the University of Bologna.

For households with more than one member enrolled in the same academic year in first and second cycle or single cycle degree programmes at the University of Bologna, tuition fees are reduced by 20% with an ISEE not exceeding €40,000 (with a minimum of €100), or by 10% with an ISEE greater than €40,000 but not exceeding €60,000.

To obtain the benefit, all household members must:

  • be enrolled in the same academic year for a number of years equal to or less than the standard duration of the degree programme, uplifted by one year;
  • satisfy the merit requirements envisaged for the calculation of tuition fees based on the ISEE.

To obtain the benefit, one of the household members must send by e-mail to the student administration office by no later than 21 November 2024 the self-certification form and the ISEE certificate valid for benefits under the right to Higher Education, if not already presented in order to obtain the calculation of the tuition fees due.
NB: the University will carry out the necessary checks on the composition of the household before granting the benefit.