Summer School in Classical Languages

Year 2023
Main Department Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies - Ficlit
Campus Bologna
Credits Programme without credits
Cost Single course (Greek or Latin): € 900. Double course (Greek and Latin): € 1450. Discounted fees are reserved to Bologna University students, ERASMUS students (in Bologna for the year), former ERASMUS students (to Bologna), and former Summer School in Classical Languages students: Single course (Greek or Latin): € 450. Double course (Greek and Latin): € 725.
Starting date Jun 19, 2023
Finishing date Jul 07, 2023
Application deadline Jun 05, 2023 (Expired)
Course overview
The Bologna University Summer School in Classical Languages, organised by the Department of Classics and Italian Studies, offers intensive courses in Greek and Latin with the aim of enabling students to read some of the fundamental texts of our cultural tradition.
Subject area
Admission qualifications
Open to students (undergraduate and post-graduate) and non-students alike: no specific qualification is required for course admission. Students must be aged 18 or over, or, alternatively, be aged 17 or over and enrolled to the last year of a high school.
Linguistic skills
Students must have a basic knowledge of the morphology and syntax of their mother tongue.
Place of teaching
Department of Classics and Italian Studies (Dipartimento di Filologia Classica e Italianistica) of the University of Bologna (via Zamboni 32, 40126 Bologna)