Professional Master programme in Transitions and Innovations in European Territories: Environment and Post-Anthropocene Landscapes - 5936

Code 5936
Academic Year 2022-2023
Subject area Humanities
Campus Ravenna
Level Second
Director Roberto Pasini
Duration Annual
Teaching methods Conventional
Language French, English
Cost 5,000.00 €
Instalments first instalment 3,000.00 € (to be paid by the deadline set for enrolment 06/10/2022); second instalment 2,000.00 € (to be paid by 31/01/2023)
Application deadline

Sep 02, 2022 (Expired)

Enrolment start and end from 26.09.2022 to 06.10.2022
Main Department
Department of Cultural Heritage - DBC
Professional Profile
The programme lasts for 1 year, classroom training is delivered in English and French, awards 60 CFU credits and aims the following learning outcomes : while focusing on the management of common goods in the face of the ongoing climatic and environmental transformations, the programme provides relevant knowledge and skills for the formation and maintenance of territorial innovation projects in Europe and adopts the notion of 'landscape' as a red thread.
Number of participants
Min: 16 Max: 25
International Professional Master's programme
Admission qualifications
- second cycle degree obtained under D.M. 270/04 or single cycle degree obtained under the laws previously in force (DM 509/99 and Old Regulations).
No specific major/minor required (sectorial affinities: sociologists, geographers, architects, engineers, graduates in political science, cultural heritage, international relations or European studies);

- second / single cycle degree obtained abroad deemed equivalent to those described in point above by the admission committee, for the purposes of admission to the Master;
Other requirements
English / French knowledge (eitherone at C1 level, the other at B1 level)
Selection criteria
Admission to the Master is subject to a positive opinion based on titles and interview.
Selection date
Sep 09, 2022
Study plan

Teaching Activities:

  • Re-thinking the Anthropocene Together - Mario Angelo Neve, Alessia Mariotti;
  • Reading the Landscape - Mario Angelo Neve;
  • Water, Common Good - Unibo Faculty;
  • Energy and Climate - Unibo Faculty;
  • Managing Common Goods - Unibo Faculty;
  • Welcoming and Including - Unibo Faculty;

       (at the University of Bologna, Ravenna Campus)

  • Initiation aux systèmes d’information géographique / Elements of Geographic Information Systems - Grégoire Feyt;
  • Se déplacer bas carbone / Low-Carbon Mobility - Valérie Facchinetti Mannone;
  • Habiter sans artificialiser / Inhabiting without Artificilizing - Anne Dorazio, Angèle Launay;
  • Entreprendre en économie circulaire / Circular Economy Entrepreneurship - Robert Collet, Rémy Marchal;
  • Vivre en citoyen local, régional, national, européen et global / Living as a Local, Regional, National, European and Global Citizen - Pavel Fischer, Jean-Luc Delpeuch;
  • Mobiliser l’intelligence d’un territoire / Mobilizing Territorial Intelligence - Alexandre Moine;
  • La service public en Europe / Public Service in Europe - Stéphane Guérard;

        (at the European College of Cluny Campus)


Other Activities (seminars, workshops, etc.):

  • Langue étrangère (français ou anglais) et introduction aux Paysages du Clunisois / Foreign Language (French or English) and introduction to Cluny’s Landscape - Natalie Thiers, Tess Guyo;
  • Initiation au codage / Elements of Coding - Sylvie Tyssot;
  • Se nourrir local / Feed Locally - Charlotte Dufour;
  • Etre protégé et protéger / Protecting and Being Protected - Boris Chevrot;
  • Vivre avec le vivant / Living with the Living - Alain-Marie Tochard;
  • Se connetter sans exclure / Connecting without Excluding - Stéphane Crozat;
  • Design des politiques publiques / Designing Public Policies - Stéphane Vincent, Romain Thevenet.

  (at the European College of Cluny Campus)

Compulsory attendance
80 %

Professional Master programme notices

Request for adaptation of the Admission test

Candidates who wish to make request for adaptation of the Admission test must do it within the pre-enrolment deadline following the information available below.

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