Professional Master programme in Global Master in Business Administration - 8881

Code 8881
Academic Year 2022-2023
Subject area Sociology, Economics, Law
Campus Bologna
Level First
Director Marcello Russo
Duration Annual
Teaching methods Conventional
Language English
Cost 35.000,00 Euros
Instalments First instalment 4,000.00 (four thousand/00) Euros; Second instalment 20,000.00 (twenty thousand/00) Euros; Third instalment 11,000.00 (eleven thousand/00) Euros
Study grants yes
Application deadline

Jul 08, 2022 (Expired)

PRE-ENROLMENT Window 1: 07/02/2022; PRE-ENROLMENT Window 2: 01/04/2022; PRE-ENROLMENT Window 3: 03/06/2022; PRE-ENROLMENT Window 4: 08/07/2022
Enrolment start and end Window 1: from 02/03/2022 to 08/04/2022; Window 2: from 22/04/2022 to 03/06/2022; Window 3: from 24/06/2022 to 01/08/2022; Window 4: from 28/07/2022 to 31/08/2022
Main Department
Department of Management - DiSA
Professional Profile
The programme trains participants to be able to take on managerial roles in a corporate function or compete for executive positions at an international level. Students will be able to master the know-how of each specific industry and learn new market strategies.
Number of participants
Min: 20 Max: 120
Study grants
Reduced fees (article 6 of the call)
International Professional Master's programme
Admission qualifications
- All types of three-year degrees, Master and Master’s course obtained under D.M. 270/04 or degrees of the first cycle, second cycle or single cycle obtained under the laws previously in force (DM 509/99 and Old Regulations);
- Degrees obtained abroad deemed equivalent to those described in point above by the admission committee, for the purposes of admission to the Master.
Linguistic skills
Sound knowledge of the English Language
Other requirements
The degree must have been obtained at least two years before the enrolment deadline
Selection criteria
Admission to the Master is subject to a positive opinion based on the evaluation of the candidate's qualifications and a motivational interview.

The evaluation process will take place:

- for those enrolled to window 1: 15-16/02/2022
- for those enrolled to window 2: 07-08/04/2022
- for those enrolled to window 3: 09-10/06/2022
- for those enrolled to window 4: 14-15/07/2022

At Bologna Business School at a time that will be communicated and in any case between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Italian time
Place of teaching
Bologna Business School, Via degli Scalini 18 - 40136 Bologna (BO)
Study plan

The master is divided into the following tracks:

1. Automation and Robotics

2. Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods

3. Food and Wine

4. Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses

5. Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports

6. Luxury Hospitality Mangement

The programme includes a part common to all eight concentrations and a part specific to each one.

Compulsory attendance
20 cfu
Final Examination

AlmaLaurea Master’s Degree survey results

Professional Master programme notices

Request for adaptation of the Admission test

Candidates who wish to make request for adaptation of the Admission test must do it within the pre-enrolment deadline following the information available below.

Request for adaptation of the Admission test for