B3062 - Practicum Training 2 CFU - Internal

Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

Practicum internship activities are meant to provide students with pre-professional competencies in: a) understanding and differentiating different forms of psychological demand in the labour market, and the formats/contexts of the psychologists' professional intervention; b) knowing methods and tools for psychological interventions in different contexts; c) knowing methods to evaluate outcomes and effectiveness of psychological interventions; and d) knowing and applying ethical principles of the profession of psychologist.

Course contents

Practicum internship activities provide students with 10 out of 30 CFU that necessary to obtain the professional habilitation to the profession of psychologist according to the Italian law regulation (D.I. 654/2022).

Practicum internship CFUs include 5 hours of direct supervision and 20 hours of work in autonomy per CFU.obtain of the 10 CFU in practicum internship require the student to attend to:

  • one module in professional ethics (2 CFU) - compulsory for all students
  • two modules of practicum internship in two different sectors of the psychological profession (SSD) - 4 CFU each, one per semester.
  • 8 CFU in addition to the module in ethics may be obtained within external services/organizations.

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Teaching methods

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Assessment methods

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Teaching tools

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Students with learning disabilities or special need may refer to the SERVICE FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES AND SLD (https://site.unibo.it/studenti-con-disabilita-e-dsa/en)

Office hours

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