91104 - Internship II (BO)

Academic Year 2023/2024

  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: First cycle degree programme (L) in Imaging and Radiotherapy techniques (cod. 9079)

Course contents


  • Appropriate knowledge of:
    • equipment used for radiotherapy
    • treatments and treatment plans
    • methods of simulation and custom immobilization
    • modes of quality control daily and periodic verification
  • To use proper PPE and proper behavior for radiation protection.
  • Knowledge and use of radiological RIS-PACS information systems and targets of radiotherapy.
  • Appropriate knowledge of Nuclear Medicine equipment.
  • Appropriate knowledge of the characteristics of radiopharmaceuticals used, their properties and their preparation .
  • Knowledge and use of accessories suitable for the proper conduct of the examination: media, collimators , springs for the correction of attenuation.
  • Knowledge of methods of radiation protection for operator, patient and users

Radiological Imaging:

  • To acquire appropriate knowledge to perform the main techniques of study of organs and systems through the application of scintigraphic planar and tomographic techniques, radioprotection devices, proper use of equipment in nuclear medicine and of patient preparation procedures .
  • To acquire appropriate knowledge of the main technical characteristics of radiotherapy equipment, the main methods of immobilization and simulation , the main techniques of carrying out treatment , the main methods of customizing the field of treatment and techniques for the implementation of verification of the treatments.
  • Appropriate knowledge and autonomy to perform diagnostic radiology CT, MRI (patient trial process).
  • Knowledge of procedures for angiography and surgery.
  • To understand the need to adapt the practice on the basis of knowledge and experience in different contexts.


  • To acquire a behavior consistent with the ethical principles and with reference to the contents of the Code of Conduct.
  • To acquire the preparation for a proper taking care of the patient and a proper relationship with family members and tutors.
  • To acquire a correct team behavior with the staff of the Unit.
  • To demonstrate the availability and continuity of learning in training.
  • To work in a multidisciplinary team, applying an effective verbal and non-verbal communication with patients, relatives and colleagues, understanding their needs, depending on the situation .
  • To inform and educate patients adequately before, during and after the procedures, obtaining the consent of the provision.
  • To communicate and report information in a consistent manner, respecting the privacy and security of sensitive data.
  • To have a correct and respectful behavior towards users, family members, working group, organizational hierarchy, in respect of own colleagues.


  • To handle with consistent levels of verbal and nonverbal communication with patients and other professionals, as learned from the tutor.
  • To use appropriate terminology in all circumstances in relation to the various stakeholders, as learned in lesson.
  • To discuss with own tutor each behavior, situation, critical incident as regards the purpose of training and reported to the training coordinator for later comparison.
To know how to manage own behavior in case of clinical situation emergency and to leave space for maneuvers reserved for professionals, not hindering their work .

Office hours

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