86447 - International Trade and Investment Law (Italian - Spanish Law Individual Study Plan)

Academic Year 2021/2022

Course contents

Introduction to International Economic Law: International Trade Law; International Investment Law; International Financial Law

The Multilateral Trade System: the WTO 

The dispute settlement mechanism of the WTO

The crisis of the WTO Appellate Body

The most favoured nation clause

The national treatment principle

GATT Article XX: trade & non-trade values

GATT Article XXI: national security

The WTO TBT Agreement

The precautionary principle and the SPS Agreement

The New Government Procurement Agreement

Tha General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)

The Trade-Related Intellectueal Property Rights Agreement (TRIPs)

Reforming the WTO

The New generation of EU Free Trade Agreements: from Singapore to Canada, from Korea to the United States

The EU / UKraine and the EU / South Korea panel reports

The EU / China Comprehensive Agreement on Investments

Transparency & International Economic Law

Concept of investment and investors

Principles of non discrimination and of fair and equitable treatment

Direct & indirect expropriation

Interpretation and Application of Investment Treaties

Investment dispute settlement mechanisms (ICSID; UNCTAD; UNCITRAL)

From ISDS to the project for a Multilateral Investment Court

Transparency in investment arbitration proceedings

Investment & sustainability issues: protection of foreign investment & environmental and human rights protection


For students attending the lectures the programm will be developed during the course, an the materials will be provided during the lectures.

For students not attending the lectures:

Peter Van den Bossche, Denise Prévost, Essentials of WTO Law, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2021

M. Sornarajah, The International Law on Foreign Investment, Cambridge University Press, 2020

Teaching methods


For students who did not previously attend a course of International Law, we advise the following reading: Jan Klabbers, International Law, Cambridge University Press, 2020.


Assessment methods

oral exam

Teaching tools

materials indicated during the lectures, power point presentations, videos

Office hours

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