Register of university student Associations/Cooperatives recognised by the University of Bologna

Methods for registration with the Register of Student Associations/Cooperatives.

Who can register

Registration with the register is reserved for University Student Associations/Cooperatives in possession of given requirements (art. 2 of the Regulation):

  • They must have at least 100 members registered with the University of Bologna, who are on schedule or not aligned with the exam schedule by no more than one year, who have in the last completed academic year acquired at least 9 CFU (for Student Cooperatives the students in possession of the requirements must represent at least 4/5 of all members and must be at least 100 in number);
  • Be formally constituted by a deed of establishment and with regularly registered articles of association, conforming to the requirements laid down in art. 3 of the Regulation;
  • The association offices must be held by members with the aforementioned requirements (for Student Cooperatives, the students in possession of the requirements must hold at least 2/3 of the offices, including that of Chairperson).

How to register

The application for registration with the Register, which can be done at any time of the year, must be done using the specific online procedure.

The Chairperson of the Association/Cooperative is the sole user who can access the on-line procedure, entering and authenticating access using his/her own institutional credentials (username and password).

Access to the procedure

The print-out obtained at the end of the procedure, duly signed by the Chairperson, must be presented to the Sector for the Right to Study – Budget office and promotion of cultural activities – Via delle Belle Arti 42, 40126 Bologna, together with all the documents laid down in art. 4 of the Regulation.

The Sector for the Right to Study – Budget office and promotion of cultural activities manages the procedure for the registration with the Register both for Associations/Cooperatives in Bologna and those based in the Romagna campuses.

General issues concerning recognition

Registration with the Register, as provided for by Rectoral Decree, is valid for two years from the date of acceptance.


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