Exchange students @unibo: changing your study plan and the duration of your mobility period

What to do if you want to change your study plan or the lenght of your mobility at the University of Bologna.

Variations in your study plan must always be authorized by the University of Bologna and your university. Erasmus+ students must ask their university for the Learning Agreement modification form.

As an exchange student you are allowed to carry out a mobility at the University of Bologna for the agreed period by home and host universities as shown in your homepage in AlmaRM (Time of stay).

All activities and exams must be done during the agreed period. For example, if your exchange is 6 months long, you can take exams within 6 months of your Check-in. After 6 months you will have to Check-out and it will no longer be possible to take exams.

If you want to take exams beyond the agreed period, you will need to ask your university and the coordinator of your exchange at the University of Bologna for authorization for an extension. You will then need to forward both authorizations to the Exchange Student Desk or the International Relations Office of your Campus via email.

If you need one, you can obtain an updated Arrival Statement.
If you want to end your mobility earlier, you just need to notify your home university and check if the early termination affects the payment of your grant.

Important: remember to Check-out.

If you are a non-EU citizen, and need to extend your Residence Permit, you must apply for renewal 60 days prior to its expiry date. Contact the Exchange Student Desk or the International Relations Office of your Campus for this procedure.

The costs of renewal are the same as those for the issue of the original Residence Permit. You must also extend your health insurance coverage.