Guarantee of originality

This service is provided by the University of Bologna and is used to verify the originality of the documents produced for the final examination, supporting the verification activities which are normally carried out by the supervising professor with the Turnitin computer programme.

The service and its objectives

This service was designed to assist professors in their surveillance activities, which offer the main guarantee of the effective quality and originality of the dissertation or thesis, as well as guaranteeing the quality of the learning process for which the dissertation or thesis was produced for the final examination of students who are about to complete their study programme.

A special software is used to automate the analysis process, which until now was carried out manually by the professor, providing a computerised support which compares the produced texts with a wide database comprising all the documents published on the web and various scientific databases.

The main objective of the service is to provide students with indications for the correct application of the source citation system. For this reason, the analysis is carried out right from the first versions of the dissertation chapters in order to guide the students and help them in the correct preparation and production of their dissertation work.

How it works

The service identifies any similarities between the analysed text and the referred database, calculating a percentage value of the whole document comprising the set of all the identified parts. Each Degree Programme involved in the project sets its own threshold.
A professor who sees that such threshold has been exceeded informs the student of the anomalies detected in the text and guides them in making the most appropriate corrections.
To be allowed to present their dissertations for discussion, the students must follow the instructions given by the professor and ensure that the dissertation complies with requirements.

How to sign up to service

Any Degree Programmes or professors wishing to sign up to the project should contact the Help Desk. 


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