Attending graduates

Graduates may be permitted to attend the Departments of the University of Bologna, for a period of study or research, with a view to improving their professional qualifications.

Admitted graduates may not carry out supplementary teaching activities, educational support activities or fulfil institutional tasks.

To attend students must:

  • submit an application to the head of the relative structure in order to obtain authorisation to  attend;
  • pay the tuition fee, which includes insurance. For the 2023/24 academic year, fees are set as follows:
    • annual first enrolment or renewal: €160.04
      Annual enrolment is possible only between 1 November and 30 April each academic year.
      Pay your annual enrolment fee
    • second semester only first enrolment or renewal: €80.54
      Second semester only enrolment is possible from 1 May of each academic year and allows students to enrol for the remaining months of the relevant academic year and pay a lower fee.
      Pay your second semester enrolment fee

Enrolment starts from the day after the payment of the fee – subject to submitting the application form with all the necessary signatures to the competent offices – and remains valid until 31 October of the relevant academic year.

By late October the updated amounts for the following academic year will be published.

Students from outside the European Union (non-EU) should contact the International Desk by e-mail at  for information on residence permits for attending graduates.