Alias career for students of the University of Bologna

Students may apply to activate an alias career, that is, to have their legal name replaced with a "chosen" name.

What activating an alias career entails

After applying for an alias career, you will be given a provisional identity that will remain active for the entire duration of your university career or until the court order for gender reassignment is issued – if it takes place during the period of study.

Once the alias career has been activated, your chosen name will be featured on the badge, in the institutional e-mail address and in all information systems (e.g. Almaesami, Studenti Online). It will not be possible for others to find out your legal name.

The alias career support service also offers assistance with all ER.GO-related paperwork and access to university libraries.

Should you wish to continue with the next cycle of studies after completing one cycle, the alias career will be confirmed.

How to apply for an alias career

At any time during your university career, you can contact the support service and apply to activate an alias career.

In order to start your alias career, you will need to sign a confidentiality agreement with the University containing the details of the alias career. This agreement sets out the terms of use of the alias identity within the University of Bologna, with special reference to the obligations of the parties and opportunities. No other supporting documents are required.

Personal details can only be changed for university study purposes. When you sign the agreement, you must inform the support service whether you intend to carry out any external activities, such as doing an internship, joining an international mobility project or applying for a scholarship: in this way, the University will be able to check whether you can also use your chosen identity in your relations with other institutions.


Alias career support service

Area Servizi Studenti (ASES)