The story of our research

The discoveries and insights of the University of Bologna, told to society, citizens, schools and the university community.

The University of Bologna has always been committed to disseminating research, nurturing the curiosity of young people and citizens, developing critical thinking, reaffirming the importance of knowledge, and keeping an open dialogue with society.

For this reason, the University of Bologna is actively involved in promoting outreach activities and initiatives to disseminate the outcome of research projects and their impact on all our lives.

UniboPER/PhD StorytellingUniboPER/PhD Storytelling

UniboPER/PhD Storytelling is an experimental workshop conceived to foster the development of writing skills among University of Bologna PhD students and promote effective research storytelling. 
The initiative is conducted in cooperation with UGIS, the Italian Union of Scientific Journalists.  The workshop will culminate in the production of science popularisation products such as editorial reviews and public events on the research conducted by the younger members of the Alma Mater.


Instagram @UniboPERThe @UniboPER Instagram channel

@UniboPER is the University's Instagram window onto the Alma Mater's research and culture. PER stands for Public Engagement Research and relates to the university's public commitment to promoting the dissemination of its research to young people, schools and society as a whole. Follow us on Instagram to remain up-to-date on current research topics, on going projects, achievements, discoveries and culture of the University of Bologna!
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Official hashtag: #uniboper

Research CornerThe Research podcast corner 

This is an online space in which the University of Bologna's researchers take to the microphone to talk about major topical issues in an effort to understand the social, environmental and economic challenges of our time, and recount the innovations and solutions that research can provide.
Get your headphones ready and listen to the podcasts!

Voices from the Anthropocene - Listen to the podcast

Road to 2030 -  Listen to the podcast

RicercaYouTube playlists dedicated to research 

The University's YouTube channel hosts playlists of popularisation videos on research at the Alma Mater.

Research Impact: impactful, innovative and topical research projects.

Centres at the centre: short videos on research produced in dedicated research centres.

Discoveries, anniversaries and celebrations: scientific discoveries and explorations – using knowledge to interpret the past and prepare for future challenges.

UniboMagazineResearch news

Readers interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest news, discoveries and results from the world of research can consult:

  • UniboMagazine
    This is the online journal of the University of Bologna. News is split into theme-based channels. Innovation and Research is the space dedicated to knowledge of a scientific and cultural nature.
  • Research highlights
    This noticeboard collects news from the world of research organised under headings (Spotlight on researchers with prestigious ERC funding, Centres at the Centre, etc.).


Researchers' NightExperiencing research at Researchers' Night

This is a live appointment with the Alma Mater’s research. Hands-on activities, experiments, demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions, guided tours, shows, special screenings and debates, to experience first-hand the diverse world of research and meet its protagonists. For more information, visit the website dedicated to the event.

Institutional campaignsResearch plays a central role in institutional campaigns

Knowledge and scientific progress require daily commitment, patience and perseverance, as well as long-term investment. This is why the dissemination of research conducted by the Alma Mater has played a central role in the University’s 5x1000 campaign. Through video interviews, events and other initiatives aimed at the community and disseminated through multi-channel strategies, researchers describe projects, results and discoveries that will help to improve quality of life.  

Go to the website dedicated to the 5x1000 campaign and read the interviews with Unibo researchers

Departmental researchDepartmental research

The Alma Mater departments also plan and organise numerous outreach activities for the general public, young people and schools.

For more information, visit the Department websites