How to get in and get the most from the Library

The Rimini Campus Branch Central Library welcomes the entire academic community and the citizenship.

How to get in

You may access the library using the University Badge.

Visiting users who do not have a badge are required to show an ID to the staff.

Users are reminded that the badge is strictly for personal use only and may not be exchanged or lent to other individuals.

Please remember to keep your badge always with you.

You need it to get in the Library as well as out!


Opening hours:

  • Monday - Friday:          9.00 - 24.00
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9.00 - 18.00 

Services end 15 minutes before the stated closing time


Reference and Loan Desk

Where you can apply for access to the Library and find out about its services.

Study spaces

There are four study rooms where books are on open shelves, ordered by subject-area according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System.   You can browse the Library books catalogue, those of Bologna and Romagna library network, the National Catalogue of Serials (ACNP) from the 4 access points available in the reading rooms. 

Internet and E-resources

To use the 10 available computers, log in using your university credentials:  University of Bologna e-mail address and password. From these computers you can carry out bibliographic researches on electronic journals, databases and Internet. One computer is set up for DVD viewing; one scanner is available for digitizing documents (according to the copyright law).


The institutional wifi connection is available all over the Library. Details on how to configure your PC at the AlmaWiFi page. The tables are equipped with power sockets.

The display area

On display are some of the Library’s rare and precious items.

The periodicals room

The periodicals room contains the last three years’ issues of printed journals subscribed to by the University,  2 computers to access the electronic journals, and 2 catalogue access points.

The "Covo": a group study area

A room for coworking where you can study in group. The use of the area is allowed only to institutional users by a minimum of two to a maximum of eight people at a time. For reservations please click here.

The Learning Commons Space

A space to be shared, available for studying an learning activities (also collaborative ones). You can request it at the Library loan desk.




Proxy Form [.pdf 179 KB] Form to collect or return items by proxy

Regolamento della B.L.U. Biblioteca Centrale del Campus di Rimini - 2023 [.pdf 155 KB]


Settore Biblioteca Centrale

Library Manager: Elena Collina; Assistant Manager: Esther Deandrea - Staff: Elvira Antinozzi, Eleonora Assogna, Ubaldo Ferri, Michela Guidi, Alessandra Mariani, Luca Mulazzi, Silvio Partisani, Daniela Rossi.


Via Vittime Civili, 5, 47921 - RIMINI

+39 0541 4 34184

+39 051 2086319



Via Vittime Civili di Guerra, 5 - 47921, RIMINI

Office hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9:00 - 24:00
Saturday and Sunday 9:00 - 18:00
Services end 15 minutes before closing time.