Rimini Campus

Printing and scanning

How to print and scan in the ICT Labs


On first enrolling on a Degree Programme at Rimini Campus, every student is given a starting credit covering 100 sides of printing which he/she may use at an ICT lab, the Library or the Via Tonti study room.

After your First Cycle Degree programme, have you decided to continue your studies at the Rimini Campus?

To celebrate the Rimini Campus has extended your free printing credit with an extra 100 free single sided prints.

  • If you are enrolled in a Second Cycle Degree programme coming from a First Cycle Degree programme at the Rimini Campus, you need to come to ICT Services Desk to load credit on your printing account.
  • Whereas, if you are enrolled in a Second Cycle Degree Programme coming from another Unibo Campus or another University, your credit will be automatically charged.

In order to check your outstanding balance of pages to be printed, you must logon into a Web page from Explorer > Favourits > Quote stampa 

Notice:  the first time you want to print by using your pages credit, you must check it as listed above.

To go on printing once it has run out, you will need to buy a printing card from the automatic vending machines.

Printers and printing cards are available at these places:

• Via Angherà, 22/first floor/ next to the Blue Lab > 2 black and white printers

• Teatini/Piazza Teatini, 10 > 1 black and white printers

• Library/Via Vittime Civili di Guerra, 5 > 1 colour printer

Scanning documents

The Green Lab, Blue Lab and Red Lab each have a scanner available for digitalizing paper documents (within the bounds of the copyright law).