International Desk - Rimini

The International Desk - Rimini is a reception, orientation and information point for all international users.

You are able to contact International Desk - Rimini by: 
  • connecting to the virtual help desk (see the contact box at the bottom of this page for more info) 
  • writing an
In-person help desk  is open exclusively to submit or collect original documents. The service is offered by appointment only, you can contact the office via to book an appointment.

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It provides the following services:

  • Provides information and support for all international users (students of various levels, lecturers and assistant professors) regarding entry procedures at Italian universities for EU and non-EU citizens
  • Provides information on the Italian university system, the University of Bologna's organisation and programme catalogue, for international users
  • Ensures reception, orientation and administrative support during matriculation and enrolment for all types of international student, foresee to the execution of administrative obligations and communication with other public bodies involved
  • Together with the DIRI international user office, it deals with issues linked to the matriculation and enrolment of international students, the value and validity of degrees for access to degree programmes, the validity of residence permits and documentation submitted by students
  • Organises and oversees operative activities for the "Marco Polo" national project (for Campus' Chinese students)
  • Manges Diploma Supplement requests
  • Supports campus structures in activities regarding the entry of visiting students, professors/ researchers
  • Supports campus structures in activities connected to the entry of non EU lecturers, for teaching assignments, research assignments or for seminars and conferences (support for reception, the submission of documentation for the DPL - provincial employment department, and central police station or for the Department of the Interior and Prefecture, supplies welcome kits, coordinates with other Campus offices involved)
  • Activate and maintain contacts with the central police station and Prefecture for the monitoring of procedures for residence permits and the evaluation of documents regarding stay
  • Ensure the management, together with the DIRI international user office, of any issues with the central police station, DPL - provincial employment department and Prefecture for entry of international users.


Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali (International Desk) Rimini

Office Manager: Claudia Tortelli - Staff: Alessandra Fusacchia, Benedetta Gasperoni, Francesco Paolo Montemurro


Via Cattaneo, 17 - 47921 RIMINI

Office hours

Phone desk
Tel +39 0541 434244
Office hours: Monday and Thursday 9:00 - 11:00 am

Original documents delivery or collection
Tuesday 9.00 - 12.00 am, Via Cattaneo, 17 by email appointment request only

+39 0541 434244
Virtual Help Desk

To connect, please read these instructions
Office hours: Wednesday and Friday 10:00 - 12:00