Ravenna Campus

Research at Ravenna

Published Department for the Cultural Heritage
The Department for the Cultural Heritage combines wide-ranging skills, disciplines and branches of knowledge that have a common bearing on knowledge, conservation and fostering of the cultural heritage.
Published Outlying organizational units (U.O.S.)
Six Organizational Units (UOS) are present on the Ravenna Campus.
Published Inter-Departmental Research Centre for Environmental Science - CIRSA
The Centre performs research in the fields of: Managing the Territory, Managing resources-refuse, Modelling vulnerability and V.I.A.
Published Technopolis Project
Those involved at Ravenna are: CIRI Energy and the Environment (U.O. Biomass); CIRI Building and Constructions (U.O. Innovative technologies applied to restoration, reclaiming and upgrade of the building heritage – Formation and restoration of materials); and CIRI Advanced Mechanics and Materials (U.O. Advanced Materials and Nautical Applications).
Published Scuola Superiore di Studi sulla Città e il Territorio
The Scuola Superiore di Studi sulla Città e il Territorio is an international reference point for studies, projects, training, research and cultural activities geared to the town and the territory in their past evolution and their present-day configuration.