Ravenna Campus

Research at Ravenna

dBC 200x200Department of Cultural Heritage

The Department of Cultural Heritage combines different skills, disciplines and knowledge which, in a unitary perspective, inquire into the knowledge, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage.


traversari 200x200Local Organization Units (U.O.S.)

Six Local Organization Units (U.O.S.) are placed on the Ravenna Campus.

cirsa 200x200Interdepartmental Research Centre in Environmental Science - CIRSA

The Centre mainly carries out higher education and research functions in the field of Environmental Sciences and Marine Biology. In particular, it deals with issues related to land management, waste and resources, life cycle assessment, "green chemistry", algology, marine ecology, geology, pedology, physiology as well as numerical simulation of climate and sea.

tecnopoli 200x200Technopolis Project

The CIRI Renewable Resources, Environment, Sea and Energy, the CIRI Building and Construction (U.O. Innovative technologies applied to the restoration, recovery and redevelopment of the built heritage - Formation and restoration of materials) and the CIRI Advanced Mechanics and Materials (U.O. Materials Advanced and Nautical Applications) are placed on the Ravenna Campus.

SSCT 200x200Higher School of Studies on the City and the Territory

The Higher School of Studies on the City and the Territory is the international point of reference for studies, projects, educational, cultural and research activities that have the city and the territory as their object in their historical evolution and contemporary configuration.